Intel’s 12th-generation Core Alder Lake desktop processor has adopted the P+E core architecture for the first time. The P large core supports the AVX 512 instruction set, while the small core does not. In the previous BIOS of the Z690 motherboard, users can enable AVX 512 instruction set support to improve performance in specific applications.

Moreover, Intel has been urging motherboard manufacturers to cancel the support of the AVX 512 instruction set for Alder Lake processors through BIOS updates.

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Furthermore, the sources pointed out that the cancellation of support for this instruction set is expected to be Intel’s desire to restrict the application of civilian CPUs in the field of professional computing to distinguish it from workstation processors and server processors.

Although some of Intel’s civilian processors support AVX 512 and AVX2 instruction sets, running this type of instruction set during the sub-test will greatly increase the CPU power consumption and cannot run at full load for a long time.

Intel’s processors enable the AVX2 throttling function by default, which strictly limits power consumption, but some ASUS motherboards provide an unlock option in the BIOS, making the processor power consumption unlimited when running AVX2 operations.



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