Overall price of DRAM may continue to decline in 2023: TrendForce

TrendForce, a research institute, recently released a forecast on the supply and demand of storage semiconductors, judging that the growth rate of product demand in the DRAM market in terms of bits in 2023 will only be 8.3%, a record low for many years, while the supply capacity will increase by about 14.1%.


In the case of oversupply, the overall price of DRAM may continue to decline in 2023, and although the NAND Flash market is more resilient, prices will continue to be under pressure in the first half of next year. TrendForce believes that the current downstream manufacturers are actively destocking.

Due to factors such as cost, PC and server manufacturers are conservative in their DRAM capacity planning. However, new-generation processors such as Sapphire Rapids have begun to support the PCIe 5.0 standard, which is expected to drive the adoption of hardware in the enterprise market. TrendForce predicts that the average enterprise SSD capacity is expected to grow by 26% in the coming year.

For another major downstream application market – smartphones, TrendForce expects that the installed capacity of DRAM per machine will only increase by 5% in 2023, while the annual growth rate of single-machine installed capacity of NAND flash memory is still expected to reach 22.1%.

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