Tesla expects mass production of 4680 batteries by the end of 2022: Musk

Tesla held a general meeting of shareholders. Tesla CEO Elon Musk outlined the company’s future expansion plans. Musk said the company aims to reach a production rate of 2 million vehicles a year by the end of 2022 and will continue to build the factory. He plans for Tesla to have 10 to 12 gigantic factories. In addition, Musk expects Tesla to achieve “mass production” of the new 4680 battery by the end of 2022, which means that Tesla equipped with the new 4680 battery is about to be sold on a large scale.


Previously, some users have received Tesla Model Y equipped with a 4680 battery, and some car owners have tested the performance of the battery. After the vehicle’s cruising range was displayed as 0, the owner drove the Model Y into a charging station with a V3 supercharger installed.

He started charging at 12:25, and by 1:17 pm, the vehicle’s displayed range was Mileage has been 270 miles. This means that the Model Y he was driving was charged to nearly 97% in 52 minutes. The owner also said that the charging power of the Model Y equipped with the 4680 battery quickly reached 250kW after starting to charge, and it did not gradually increase to 250kW as he had previously charged the Model with the old battery. And after the vehicle displayed a range of 0, the owner still drove 3 miles normally.

According to Tesla, the single energy of the 4680 cells is increased by 5 times, the cruising range of the vehicle can be increased by 16%, the power is increased by 6 times compared with the battery with tabs, and the power output is increased by 6 times. And Musk said that the 4680 battery saved about 86% of the cost in total, while the cost per kWh was reduced by 69%.


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