Realme UI 4.0 will optimize notification bar, wallpaper animation and other functions

Realme has provided the realme UI 4.0 test of Android 13 for Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition, Realme GT Master Explorer Edition, and Realme GT2 Pro overseas. The specific time has not been announced in China.


Realme said today that some users have put forward many valuable suggestions recently. After evaluation, the realme team responded to the background optimization, notification bar, wallpaper animation, and other functions that everyone cares about.

According to reports, the background management function that everyone cares about has been optimized. At present, the realme GT2 master exploration version, realme GT master exploration version, and real me GT2 Pro can already use this version, at least the background problem reported by the users have been alleviated.

In addition, realme also said that it will implement more fingerprint styles on the realmeUl4.0 version, and will optimize the dynamic wallpaper on realmeUI4.0 to bring richer animation effects. Realme said that it will optimize the notification bar control center in the future realme U4.0, increase the playability of the pull-down notification bar control center, and add more controls.


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