DRAM market size to grow only 8.3% next year: TrendForce

The global DRAM market, which was not ideal this year, will be even less optimistic next year. Some research institutions predict that the growth of the market size next year will hit a new low, and the oversupply situation will be more serious. TrendForce predicts that the size of the global DRAM market will only increase by 8.3% next year, the first time in history that it will be less than 10%.


However, unlike the demand growth rate hitting a new low, research institutions predict that the supply of DRAM will increase by 14% next year, which is much higher than the growth rate of the market size, which means that the oversupply situation will be more serious, and the price of DRAM, it is expected to continue to decline in the next year.

The oversupply of DRAM next year will be more serious, and prices will continue to decline, which will inevitably affect the performance of related manufacturers. TrendForce also mentioned that the low market demand growth prospects will cast a shadow on DRAM manufacturers, and the performance next year is not expected to be optimistic.

Previously, TrendForce also mentioned that as inflation continues to curb consumer demand, resulting in a drop in memory chip prices, memory chip manufacturers have been focusing their attention on adjusting inventories in the near future.

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