SK Hynix announced at the end of last year that it had completed the first phase of the acquisition of Intel’s NAND flash memory and SSD business case, and established an SSD subsidiary Solidigm in the United States.

Today, SK Hynix and Solidigm unveiled for the first time a new enterprise-class SSD (eSSD) product jointly developed by the two companies, the P5530.

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According to reports, the P5530 is a product that combines SK Hynix’s 128-layer 4D NAND flash memory and Solidigm’s SSD controller and firmware. The product supports the PCIe Gen4 interface and will provide 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB capacity options.

Moreover, SK Hynix and Solidigm collaborated on product performance optimization for specific data center use cases and configurations. Since the establishment of Solidigm, the two companies have carried out comprehensive cooperation including joint product development, and have strengthened the common values ​​encompassing both companies while formulating future business strategies.

Furthermore, SK Hynix said that it expects to increase the competitiveness of its NAND flash memory business to the same level as that of the DRAM business through cooperation with Solidigm.

Solidigm will be headquartered in San Jose, California, and will be responsible for product development, manufacturing, and sales of the acquired Intel SSD business.

Lee Seok-hee, president and co-CEO of SK Hynix, will also serve as the company’s Executive Chairman, leading the integration process after the first phase of the closing. Meanwhile, former Intel senior vice president Rob Crooke will be named CEO of the company.



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