Xiaomi redmi note 10 is quite popular around the globe, it has been the top-selling smartphone. How to change the keyboard in Redmi Note 10?.

If I elaborate a little, how to change the MIUI default keyboard and install a more functional keyboard like swiftkey or Google keyboard with Indic languages.

Changing the keyboard in any android device is very easy and straightforward. But still, so many find it difficult.

There are a bunch of free and amazing keyboard apps ou there in the Google play store you can instantly download and use. SwiftKey, Google keyboard, Fleksy are a few among them.

To install Google keyboard on your Redmi Note 10 

  • Open play store and search for google keyboard and install the Google Indic Keyboard.
  • Once the keyboard app is installed, there is one more step to do. That is to set the keyboard app which you want to pop out when you touch on anything which needs typing.
  • Go to Settings > Additional settings > Language and input.
  • Under KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS, tap on Current Keyboard.
  • Select Google Indic Keyboard.

Test the settings by taping any text fields which require typing. This action should popup the Google Indic keyboard instead of the ordinary keyboard.

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