Apple will launch a program to help employees get vaccinated against the new Covid virus. As reported, the company is cooperating with Wobo United to vaccinate employees working in Apple’s offices.

Apple is also launching a website for employees to schedule vaccinations. Apple previously told employees that as a private company, the company cannot vaccinate employees.


Moreover, as the supply of vaccines in California continues to increase, all local residents are now eligible to be vaccinated. Apple encouraged employees to vaccinate and provided vaccinated employees with rest and vacation time.

Apple’s latest vaccination program may encourage more employees to return to Apple’s offices in the coming months. People familiar with the matter said that despite this, Apple has not requested all employees to rework, nor does it require them to rework immediately.

An Apple spokesperson also confirmed the company’s move. Apple is not the first major company to help employees vaccinate. Amazon has been vaccinating front-line employees. Other technology giants like Facebook and Google have been providing corresponding technical support for the public to vaccinate.

Recently, Apple added a button to its Maps application to help users find vaccination centers faster. Unlike some competitors, Apple has not publicly stated when employees will return to the office, but CEO Tim Cook told employees that more employees are expected to start returning in June of this year.

He told employees last year: “face-to-face cooperation is irreplaceable, but we have also learned a lot about how to complete work outside the office without sacrificing productivity or results.”

Since the beginning of the epidemic, Apple has had some Mission-critical employees work in the office. Since last year, some Apple engineers will return to Apple’s office to work for a period of time each week.



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