The Pokémon mobile game “Pokémon Adventure” co-developed by NetEase, The Pokémon Company, and GAME FREAK inc. is about to be tested on all platforms.

Yesterday, “Pokémon Adventure” was launched on the Apple App Store and opened for reservations. The App Store page shows that “Pokémon Adventure” is expected to be officially launched on May 13.

According to the application introduction, the Pokémon mobile game “Pokémon Adventure” is a casual collection and battle mobile game with cube-shaped Pokémon as the protagonist. Players will come to “Fangkola Island” to collect ingredients, cook dishes, and attract treasures. Kemang, collect and forge mysterious ashlars to enhance Pokémon’s strength.

In the game, players can experience a variety of gameplay, including real-time PVP confrontation, friendly strategy discussion, gathering and fighting to challenge the leader Pokémon, friend system, etc.



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