During the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, BYD officially announced the real car photos of the ‘new pure electric species’ EA1.

This electric car is the first model of BYD’s e-net new car series. The appearance is a hatchback body, which is dynamic and flexible.


The model is inspired by the ocean, and the side door has an arrow-shaped stamping structure, which is dynamic. BYD EA1 is furnished with penetrating taillights and driving lights with smooth lines.

The car has a long wheelbase and is specially built for young people. It has four colors and a variety of wheels to choose from.

BYD EA1 is also the first model to uses the BYD family-style new wordmark design. Officials said that this car will be sold on e-net. e.net is a new comprehensive sales network of BYD outside the Dynasty.

In the future, it will launch a variety of models like hatchbacks, cars, SUVs, pickups, and achieve full coverage of model levels and powertrains.



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