Ford will suspend production of F-150 pickup trucks, due to global chip shortages

Since the second half of 2020, the problem of chip shortages has become the main theme of the semiconductor industry. Currently, the problem has affected the auto industry to a large extent that has forced several automakers to suspend production.

On Thursday, at local time, Ford Motor said that due to global chip shortages, the company will suspend the production of F-150 pickup trucks at a factory in Michigan until Sunday.

This Ford plant will be suspended from Friday to Sunday, and then resume production next Monday. A spokesperson for the company declined to reveal the production loss caused by the shutdown.

At present, the global chip shortage problem has had an impact on global automakers. The root cause is the competition between automakers and the consumer electronics industry for chip supply and many other factors.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people work and study at home, leading to increased market demand for chips used in smartphones and computers.

As chipmakers focus on meeting this demand, the supply of semiconductors to auto parts manufacturers has stalled. Last Thursday, Ford Motor stated that it will assemble its high-margin F-150 pickups and Edge SUVs in North America in the absence of certain parts and two assembly plants that are idle due to chip shortages and wait for several weeks.

Until the missing parts arrive, and then complete the assembly and delivery. The company also said that when possible, the company will give priority to the highest profitability car equipped with chips.

Previously, Ford had stated that due to semiconductor shortages, it would significantly decrease the production of its best-selling F-150 trucks. In February of this year, the company’s two factories producing full-size F-150 trucks cut shifts.


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