Meizu 18/Pro series mobile phones were launched on March 3, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, with 2K 120Hz screen, and the price starts at 4399 yuan (676.00 USD).

After the sale started this morning, Meizu Technology officially declared that there are no three zeros and no flagships. 0 Advertisement 0 Push 0 Pre-installed Meizu 18 series 5G safe and pure flagship, with sales exceeding 100 million in 1 minute!

Meizu 18 mobile phone 8GB+128GB is priced at 4399 yuan, 8GB+256GB is priced at 4699 yuan, 12GB+256GB is priced at 4,999 yuan. Meizu 18 Pro mobile phone 8GB+128GB is priced at 4,999 yuan, and 8GB+256GB is priced 5499 yuan, 12GB+256GB is priced at 5999 yuan. It should be noted that the Meizu 18 Pro 8GB+256GB version is exclusively sold by Jingdong.

Meizu 18 Pro:

Screen: Meizu 18 Pro uses 2K + screen resolution, has 526PPI pixel density, 120 frame screen refresh rate, and 240Hz touch sampling rate, supports dynamic refresh rate adjustment, 1300nit peak brightness, 4096-level brightness adjustment.

And 100% DCI- P3 high color gamut, with a 6.7-inch polar edge quad curved micro-curved screen, equipped with Samsung E4 luminescent material, and passed HDR10+ certification and SGS low blue light eye protection certification.

Design: Meizu 18 Pro weighs 189g that is 14% lighter than Meizu 17 Pro. It uses an 8.1mm slim body, which is 5% thinner than Meizu 17 Pro. It is equipped with fingerprint recognition technology based on ultrasonic principles and supports 0.1s speed.

In response, there are color schemes like the flying snow streamer, the Milky Way Mystery, and the vast expanse of the sky.

Cameras: Meizu 18 Pro is equipped with AR full-scene master imaging system, equipped with a Samsung GN1 sensor, 32 million pixels ultra-wide-angle lens, and 8 million pixel telephoto lens, supporting 3x optical zoom, 30x digital zoom, and OIS +EIS hybrid anti-shake, supplemented by 3D depth sensor, the front is Samsung GH1.

Configuration: Meizu 18 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 888 chip, supports full blood LPDDR5, UFS3.1, WiFi 6E, and Meizu Pay, is equipped with fourth-generation dual superlinear speakers and imagine 4.0 touch engine, built-in 4500mAh battery, and supports 40W Super mCharge supercharge and 40W Super Wireless mCharge wireless supercharge, as well as VC liquid cooling and OneMind 5.0.

Meizu 18:

The Meizu 18 mobile phone has a lightweight of 162g and an 8.18mm ultra-thin design, with an eight-curved micro-arc design.

By looking at the screen, Meizu 18 utilizes a 6.2-inch extreme edge 2K+ Super AMOLED quad curved micro-curved screen, with 3200×1440 resolution and 563 PPI pixel density, supports 120 frames, and its screen color temperature can be intelligently adjusted with the ambient color temperature in real-time.

The entire Meizu 18 series utilizes Samsung’s original SuperAMOLED display, a new E4 display substrate, SGS low blue light certification, and supports 800nit global brightness and 1300nit peak brightness.

Meizu 18 utilizes the fourth-generation dual superlinear speaker, built-in 4000mAh battery, supports 36W Super mCharge, supports PD 3.0 protocol, QC 3.0 protocol, and QC 3+ protocol.

In terms of configuration, Meizu 18 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, uses a large VC liquid cooling design, supports Ultrasonic mTouch, and supports Ultrasonic mTouch Qualcomm’s second-generation ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition. Its mEngine touch engine is upgraded again, and it is inserted under a smaller body. Larger linear motors,

By looking at the cameras, Meizu 18 adopts a 6400W super anti-shake full-scene imaging system, equipped with a Sony 6400W pixel sensor, supplemented by a 2.5cm macro lens and a 122 ultra-wide-angle lens.



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