News revealed, TikTok, a short video service owned by ByteDance, had identified five candidate locations in Dublin, Ireland. The new headquarters planned to be built in one of them can accommodate approximately 2,000 employees.

According to the news,  TikTok is looking for approximately 18,580 square meters of office space. People familiar with the matter stated that TikTok plans to relocate employees to a new office before the end of this year. The specific time is mainly affected by the local epidemic situation.

Irish Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announced last month that he recently met with TikTok representatives and that the company is still keen to set up its headquarters in Dublin.

The specific locations that TikTok is considering include the new North Wharf complex in Dublin’s financial center and the Heston South development project. Additionally, TikTok is also evaluating the Sorting Office in Dublin South Dock.

The person familiar with the matter said that the other two sites under consideration are still being occupied, but the relevant tenants are preparing to leave. If TikTok’s plan to lease office space is implemented, it will give a boost to the Dublin office market. The local commercial office market is in trouble during the 2020 epidemic.

Alphabet’s Google had planned to rent the Sorting Office office in the South Wharf area but abandoned the deal in September last year. TikTok’s Dublin office will eventually accommodate up to 5,000 employees working locally.

The person familiar with the matter said that now will be the first phase of the project. A spokesperson for the company could not immediately comment.

A few years ago, Dublin, Ireland has attracted the attention of many technology companies. Google and Facebook’s European headquarters are located here, and many other technology companies such as Twitter and Microsoft also have a lot of business there. Earlier reports revealed that TikTok is interested in the Sorting Office in the South Wharf area.



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