Amazon asks FTC to stop excessive harassment of Bezos and his executives

Amazon has recently been slammed by regulators for its strategy of getting consumers to sign up for Prime membership and then erecting barriers to complicate the process of canceling subscriptions. Last month, Amazon changed its cancellation process in Europe, but the U.S. site hasn’t.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has investigated Amazon since March 2021. According to Business Insider, Amazon has accused the FTC of making the lives of its executives difficult for its excessive demands. Regulatory filings in early August showed that Amazon was unhappy with the “excessively onerous” demands of the 19 people subpoenaed by the FTC.

The 19, including former CEO Jeff Bezos and current CEO Andy Jassy, ​​were asked to testify in very detailed detail, a practice that Amazon deemed ” a huge burden on them .” Amazon also claims the sole purpose of these unfair demands is to disrupt Amazon’s operations and harass its executives, and demand that some deadlines be pushed back.

Other complaints filed by Amazon include the FTC bypassing Amazon’s legal team to serve subpoenas directly to individuals. The company also said an employee subpoenaed by the FTC was completely denied access to the legal team. As for the next steps in the complaint, the FTC commissioner will discuss it and then vote on Amazon’s request.

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