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Xbox Cloud Gaming expands to Amazon Fire TV in July

Xbox Cloud Gaming, a service that allows users to stream and play a wide variety of Xbox games without the need for a physical console, is expanding its reach. This July, Microsoft will introduce an Xbox Cloud Gaming app for Amazon Fire TV, making it accessible to even more users.

Xbox Cloud Gaming has been available for a few years and has seen significant growth, offering gaming on mobile devices, computers, Xbox consoles, and Samsung TVs. The latest expansion brings this service to Amazon Fire TV, marking a notable step forward in Microsoft’s efforts to make gaming more accessible.

With the upcoming release, users will be able to access Xbox Cloud Gaming from virtually any TV equipped with Amazon Fire TV. The app will be compatible with the Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2023) and Fire TV Stick 4K (2023). To use the service, players will need a Bluetooth controller and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Here are the steps to get started:

  • Obtain Necessary Equipment: Ensure you have a Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2023) or Fire TV Stick 4K (2023), a Bluetooth-enabled wireless controller, and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.
  • Install the Xbox App: Download the Xbox Cloud Gaming app from the Amazon Fire TV app store once it becomes available in July.
  • Connect the Controller: Pair your Bluetooth controller with the Fire TV Stick.
  • Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which grants access to a vast library of games including popular titles like Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Starfield, and Forza Horizon 5.
  • Start Gaming: Launch the Xbox Cloud Gaming app, sign in with your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account, and begin streaming games instantly.

This expansion is a significant development for Xbox Cloud Gaming, although support for Android TV is still anticipated. Since Fire TV OS is based on Android, it’s surprising that Android TV support hasn’t yet been introduced. Nonetheless, this move lowers the cost of entry for Xbox gaming to just $40, making it an exciting development for gaming enthusiasts.


Xbox Cloud Gaming expands to Amazon Fire TV in July
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