Apple: How to recover deleted iMessages

Apple’s iMessage is such a popular online messaging platform through which you can easily keep records of months and sometimes years of messaging history. What if you mistakenly delete any of your important iMessages chats? Don’t worry it is completely possible to get it back!


But for that, you need to have an iCloud backup from before the iMessages were deleted. Whereas, those deleted iMessages are not worthy of the inconvenience of resetting your iPhone. Asking the other person to screenshot and send the chats of iMessages would be preferable, in this case.

How to recover deleted iMessages

  • Go to the iCloud
  • Click on Manage Storage
  • Tap on Backups
  • Here, the screen will display all the backups made for Apple device
  • Tap the device you are currently using, after that you will see all the details of backup
  • Check the date and time of the last backup

If it shows that you have a backup of the mobile that pre-dates the deletion of your message’s data, then you have to erase your iPhone and then restore from the backup. This means that data on your iPhone after the backup will be erased.


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