Xu Wei, head of Qualcomm’s China R&D, said at the “5G Technology Evolution Sharing Conference” that at present, more than 205 operators have deployed 5G commercial networks, and more than 280 operators are investing in the deployment of 5G technology.

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Global 5G connections are expected to exceed 1 billion in 2023 ; 5G mobile phone shipments are expected to exceed 5 billion from 2020 to 2025; more than 1,275 5G terminals have been released or are under design.

Moreover, Qualcomm also revealed that it has completed the third version of the 5G standard, Rel-17, at the standard level. According to reports, Rel-17 supports enhanced new 5G system functions and extends 5G to new 5G terminals and applications, such as support for broadcast/multicast extensions, lightweight 5G NR-Light, non-terrestrial networks, enhanced precise positioning, and Unbounded XR research.

In terms of non-terrestrial communication, Xu Hao pointed out that at present, most areas of the earth are still based on cellular networks for communication. After the introduction of satellite communication, communication connections can be realized in areas such as oceans that cannot be covered by cellular networks.



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