Many Japanese car companies stop production, problems with part supply

According to the latest report, due to problems with parts supply, many Japanese car companies have successively announced shutdowns or production cuts. Starting today  Mitsubishi Motors‘ main domestic factory in Japan will be suspended for 5 days. Not only Mitsubishi but also affected by the tight supply of parts, Mazda and Daihatsu have also recently announced the temporary shutdown of some factories in Japan.

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Moreover, Honda also said that this month the company’s main plant in Japan is expected to reduce production by 30%. Coupled with the long-term unrelieved chip shortage under the epidemic, the Japanese auto manufacturing industry is facing unprecedented difficulties.

In the 2021 fiscal year ending in March this year, domestic new car sales in Japan were 4.21 million, the lowest level in 45 years, as production could not keep up with demand. Among the eight major Japanese car companies, except for Mitsubishi Motors, the sales of the remaining seven declined, among which Toyota fell by 9%, and Mazda saw the largest decline, reaching 16%.

In the local market, affected by the epidemic in Shanghai and other places, the auto supply chain has been impacted. Since late March, many auto companies have announced the suspension of production.

Under the overall pressure of the auto market, many auto companies experienced a decline in sales in March. According to the data released by the Federation of Passenger Transport Associations, the average daily market retail sales of major manufacturers in the third and fourth weeks of March were 35,000 and 39,000, respectively, down nearly 30% year-on-year.


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