Raytheon’s first customized mechanical keyboard released

Raytheon released its first new product in 2022 a customized mechanical keyboard. This keyboard uses a unique shell, supports a three-mode wireless/wired connection, adopts a Gasket structure, is equipped with a PBT keycap, and is priced at 599 yuan.

Moreover, the keyboard adopts the Gasket structure commonly used in customized keyboards. The PCB board and positioning board are suspended in the shell. There are silicone gaskets inside the keyboard to help reduce noise.

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Furthermore, the keyboard adopts Jiadalon G yellow Pro shaft body, which is self-lubricating, stable, and comfortable. The shaft adopts gold contacts and has a life span of 60 million times. The keyboard supports hot-swap, which is convenient for players to DIY different shafts.

In terms of keycaps, the Raytheon keyboard uses PBT ball-shaped keycaps, using a two-color injection molding process, which is comfortable to the touch and smooth in appearance.

Furthermore, this Raytheon keyboard has a built-in 3000mAh battery, is equipped with full-color RGB lighting, and has a battery life of about 4-5 weeks. The product uses a 68-key configuration, and appointments have already been made and will be available for purchase at 20:00 on January 9th.


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