AMD’s Ryzen 6000 mobile processor TDP is unveiled

According to the latest report, AMD’s new generation of sharp 6000 mobile processors will be divided into 28W and 45W two series.

Moreover, AMD Ryzen 6000 mobile processors have two interfaces, FP7 and FP7r2. The U series is 28W TDP and the H series is 45W.

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Furthermore, the revealer also released a schematic diagram of AMD’s new generation mobile processor chip design. From the figure, you can see that the CPU part is still Zen3 architecture, and the core display part has been upgraded to NAVI. It has 6 WGPs, which is 12CU, which is more than the previous generation of 8CU up to 50%.

In addition, AMD Ryzen 6000 mobile processors will also support USB4. AMD’s current R7 5800U’s TDP design is 10-25W, while Intel’s 11th-generation Core low-voltage processors generally use a 28W TDP design.

A higher TDP can leave more performance-free space for the 12 CU core display of the R7 6800U. The core display performance is also one of the biggest highlights of AMD’s new generation of mobile processors. The AMD CES 2022 conference will start at 10 am on Tuesday, January 4th, US Eastern Time. 


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