While trying to download Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Windows 11 ISO installation files and APK+OBB files from the nearest Google Drive link, some of us must have received an “Exceeded Quota” message preventing you from downloading the files you need.

You just have to add a shortcut of the file into a folder within your Google Drive library. And then right-click and choose Download from the menu.


1. If you are seeing the above screen with the message, “Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time,” all you gotta do is replace UC in the URL with open and then press enter.

You’ll be directed to a new screen. Here again, if you click the download button, it would show the same “exceeded quota” message.

2. Now, whether you get the “Download quota exceed for this file, so you can’t download it at this time” message at the bottom of the screen or not.

3. Click the drive icon at the top right corner, and add the shortcut to a newly created folder within the My Drive.

4. Click on My Drive.

5. Create a new folder.

6. Now, click on the blue-colored Add Shortcut Here button at the bottom.

7. Now, go to the Google Drive library. Ensure your newly created folder is present with the file shortcut inside.

8. Finally, right-click on the newly created folder and choose the Download option.

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