The ultra game mode is designed to bring you the ultimate gaming fun. E-sports is used in the competition mode like professional players, and the competition allocates system resources to prioritize game performance.

Moreover, when it comes to speed, Dual-Turbo is the lightning-fast feature gamers need. By reducing frame-drop, it gives you a smoother gaming experience. In Vivo V21 5G smartphone this feature improves the gaming experience.

Features of Ultra Game mode:

Background calls: Call answered during gameplay will remain in the background and hands-free will be enabled.

No incoming calls: An incoming call not on the “Allow Some calls” list will be rejected during the specified game.

Hide top alerts: Floating previews will not be displayed at the top of the screen during gameplay.

Game picture-in-picture: Once a game is open, slide downward with three fingers on the interface of the game to turn on the Game picture-in-picture. That is, show your chatting App in a smaller floating window so you can play games while chatting with others.

Game keyboard: The Game keyboard will be brought out automatically when you type. It floats on the interface of the game

Bot mode: The game keeps running in the background when the screen is black. You can level up in games or earn money while sleeping.

Esports ModeTurn off background notifications, smartly manage the system resources, reduce the control area in the notification bar to avoid accidental touches, balance the phone temperature and game performance to make the game smoother.

How to Enable:

The first step is to go in your settings option and turn on the  Ultra game mode by clicking on the toggle next to Game mode. Change the shortcut according to your need.


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