Microsoft carry feature updates to OneDrive for iOS and Android.

On April 10, Microsoft brought a 64-bit version of OneDrive for Windows. At the same time, Microsoft also carry some feature updates to OneDrive for iOS and Android.

Now, OneDrive for iOS brings back the ability to write files from the iOS File App, and fixes two voice-related errors and UI-related errors. While the Android version of OneDrive update adds a homepage tab to help users return to the browsing location before the app was closed.

However, the updated version of OneDrive for iOS is 12.23.2, and the upgraded version of OneDrive for Android is 6.27, which can be downloaded and updated in the app store.

Updates for iOS:

  • You can write your OneDrive files from the iOS files app again.
  • When using VoiceOver on the “Schedule” page, there is no indication that some features require a specific plan. Now fixed, VoiceOver will indicate each plan that includes features.
  • The app title sometimes turns white after using “take a photo”, and after repairing, the title will remain blue.
  • The button in the family view already displays the text correctly.
  • VoiceOver now correctly reads the buttons on the login navigation bar.
  • When viewing an image in a folder or cropping a picture in OneDrive, the picture will show stretch. This bug has been fixed.

Updates for Android:

  • A homepage tab has been added to help users quickly return to the location they were browsing before closing the App.
  • Some options in the settings have been reordered.



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