Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag Plus will go on sale on April 16th at a price of $39.99. This anti-lost device with UWB ultra-wideband technology support may be launched before Apple.

Galaxy SmartTag Plus was launched by the company’s new S21 series in January, and there were two versions at that time. Galaxy SmartTag uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the mobile phone.

The price is US$29.99 and is currently on the market, while Galaxy SmartTag Plus has added more precise ultra-wideband technology for US$39.99, and has not been listed since its release.

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In order to be able to use the UWB function, users need to pair with Samsung devices that also have a built-in UWB chip, such as Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Plus, Galaxy S21 Ultra, or Galaxy Z Fold 2. Samsung also provides some augmented reality features to make it easier to find.

Compared with Bluetooth-based products, UWB technology is directional and can provide more accurate location information, especially when used indoors.

Except for ultra-wideband support, SmartTag Plus works almost the same as other similar products. At the same time, just like Apple’s “Find”, users will be able to use Galaxy devices to help find lost objects.

At present, Samsung has confirmed that it will release date on Friday, April 16, which means that this Korean smartphone manufacturer may launch UWB anti-lost device products earlier than Apple. Although Apple’s “AirTags” has been rumored for a long time, the exact release date is still unclear.


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