Gigabyte released two RX 6700 XT graphics card, uses 40CU

Gigabyte released the Radeon RX 6700 XT GAMING OC 12G and Radeon RX 6700 XT EAGLE 12G graphics cards. Both graphics cards have imported a Gigabyte wind power cooling system, which focuses on a 1440p gaming experience.

GAMING OC is designed for the needs of mainstream e-sports players, while EAGLE is designed for young players who pursue unique innovations.

The GAMING OC model adopts Gigabyte’s wind power cooling system, equipped with 3 unique blade diversion fans, with forward and reverse function, high-efficiency pure copper heat pipe directly contacts the GPU for heat conduction, fan stop function and screen cooling and other technologies can keep the graphics card in a low temperature working environment at any time, thereby bringing higher and more stable product performance.

The forward and reverse cooling technology turns the fan in the center of the fan in the opposite direction to that of the left and right fans, directing the airflow of adjacent fans to the same direction, doubling the air pressure and reducing turbulence, thereby guiding the airflow and effectively removing waste heat from the upper and lower sides of the graphics card.

Side discharge improves the overall anti-heat efficiency. In addition, the addition of nano-graphene lubricant to the new generation of fans can extend the life by 2.1 times, achieve durability like a ball bearing, and be quieter.

The side of the graphics card imports RGB FUSION 2.0 flowing lights, allowing players to freely adjust the light color and various special effects through the AORUS Engine, and can also synchronize the lighting effects with other AOURS equipment.

EAGLE is designed for young players who are pursuing unique innovations. It also uses all the wind power cooling technology and advanced materials of GAMING OC, including the latest Screen cooling and nano-graphene lubricants, so that the graphics card can basically get the best heat dissipation.

And computing performance. The appearance design of the EAGLE graphics card is very suitable for players who are pursuing a difference and a little personalization. It uses space science fiction elements. The appearance of the mecha is matched with a transparent veneer and a bright jump color LOGO to perfectly interpret your attitude.

The RX 6700XT graphics card uses 40CU, the GPU frequency can reach 2424MHz, is equipped with a 96MB infinite cache, 12GB of video memory, and overall power consumption of 230W. AMD stated that the Chinese cost of the RX 6700XT graphics card will start at 3699 and will be available on March 18.


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