First batch of 40 series graphics cards starts at $1020, check specification

RTX 40 series graphics cards

When the mine disaster struck and the players were planning to go down the mountain, Lao Huang came up with his 40-series graphics card!

The first three high-end models, RTX4090 24GB, RTX4080 16GB and 12GB video memory versions.


Without further ado, let’s go straight to the specifications:

In three game frame rate tests, in terms of 4K resolution, full height settings, light tracking, and DLSS turned on, the 4090 outperformed the previous generation flagship 3090Ti by 2-4 times, and between the 4080 and 3080Ti comparison is made. has also been increased by 2-3 times.

Let’s take a look at a set of real machine screen comparisons, from “Microsoft Flight Simulator”.

40 series graphics cards

In addition, NVIDIA also cooperated with the Polish donkey to develop a “full extreme ray tracing mode” for “Cyberpunk 2077”, and the software and hardware cooperation squeezed all the performance, and the number of frames was directly x4.

40 series graphics cards

To achieve these effects, the new GPU relies on a series of improvements in process technology, hardware architecture, and software algorithms.

TSMC process, DLSS3 amplification trick

The new architecture, Ada Lovelace, switches to TSMC’s 4N custom process (5nm), optimized for GPU production, while Samsung’s 8nm is still used in the Ampere era.

Under the blessing of the new process, the RTX4090 has 76 billion transistors and 18,000 CUDA cores, which is 70% more than the previous generation.

Also, the energy efficiency ratio is also greatly improved compared to the previous generation architecture Ampere.

A highlight is DLSS 3, this time using AI capabilities not only for super-resolution, but also for frame insertion.

Lao Huang said that most of the pixels on the game screen that you will see in the future are not directly rendered, but predicted by the AI.

Subsequently, NVIDIA upgraded the SM multi-unit stream processor, the tensor core responsible for AI computing, and the RT core responsible for light tracking, to the new generation under the new architecture.

It’s all about making the players happy, except for the price.

Compared to the RTX30 series, the 40 series graphics card performance increase is quite honest, so what about the price?

Just look at the price

RTX 4090 priced at $1599

RTX 4080 (16GB) priced at $1199

The RTX 4080 (12GB) is priced at $899.


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