Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. published a patent entitled ‘A method and device for automatic driving control’, the publication number is CN112429016A.

The automatic driving patent disclosed by Tencent this time is an automatic driving control method and device that involves the field of automatic driving technology that can enable the controlled automatic driving vehicle to find the opportunity to safely change lanes and realize safe lane change.

Based on the condition that the controlled vehicle and the target guiding vehicle maintain a set safe driving distance, the following acceleration of the controlled vehicle following the target guiding vehicle is determined, and the following acceleration is executed.

Tencent stated in its patent publication that this technology has a wide range of applications and high security.’ In January this year that the first batch of autonomous driving test roads in Guangzhou was put into use.

It is worth noting that Tencent is testing its L4 level autonomous driving technology on this road. Tencent has ample technical reserves in the field of autonomous driving. As early as 2018, it recruited autonomous vehicle engineers in Palo Alto, California, and successfully obtained local autonomous vehicle testing permits.

It also holds Beijing, Shenzhen, and other places. The first batch of autopilot road test license plates. In addition, Tencent has also invested in a number of electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology companies, like Weilai, Tesla, and NavInfo.