Tesla Cars Ludicrous Plus Mode

What is Ludicrous Plus Mode in Tesla Cars? How to activate it

Tesla cars are well-known for their robust performance and to maintain this efficiency, the company introduced the Ludicrous Plus Mode. This function is capable of boosting software enhancements as well as hardware components in the vehicle.

Ludicrous Plus Mode claims to provide greater acceleration beyond base-level specs. In simple words, it tends to move 100% of your battery’s power toward the electric motor.

How to activate Ludicrous Plus Mode in Tesla cars?

It is easy to turn on the Ludicrous Plus Mode as all you have to do is press the “Ludicrous” button on the dashboard touchscreen. It resides below the Acceleration tab. Meanwhile, you will require activating the Launch Mode to initiate the quickest acceleration and performance. To do so:

  • Depress the brake pedal completely
  • Look for the message that the battery has reached the optimal temperature
  • Release the brake pedal

It is worth mentioning that Ludicrous Plus Mode enables Max Battery Power which delivers more robust off-the-line acceleration. However, the company discourages using this mode for longer periods as it may result in extra wear on the motors and other systems.

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Tesla Cars Ludicrous Plus Mode

What is Ludicrous Plus Mode in Tesla Cars? How to activate it
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