Apple declared in December last year that it would abandon the ‘Music Memo’ application. Today, Apple officially removed the application from the App Store.

Currently, the application is no longer displayed in the search results of the App Store, nor can it be downloaded through a direct link. Users who have already installed the ‘Music Memo’ can continue to use it, or download it again from the purchase history in the App Store.

Apple launched the ‘Music Memo’ application in 2016 that is specially developed for music creators to help them record their music inspiration at any time. Users can use iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to record uncompressed high-quality audio for acoustic guitars, pianos, vocals, or various musical instruments.

The music memo can automatically identify the beat, sense of rhythm, and chord of the music, and can be accompanied by realistic drum and bass accompaniment, allowing users to instantly enjoy the created music. You can also view the chords you play, add notes and lyrics.

Through ‘Music Memo’, users can also transfer their creation to GarageBand, and then add more instruments to further enhance the song. The application is completely free and supports multiple languages ​​including Chinese.

Apple announced its decision to remove the app in December last year and recommended that users export the recordings in ‘Music Memos’ to ‘Voice Memos’.

To export data, you need an iPhone with iOS 14 or an iPad with iPadOS 14 and the latest versions of the two applications. The exported content will appear in a folder named ‘Music Memo’ in the voice memo.