Spotify Wrapped 2023 feature

What is Spotify Wrapped 2023 feature? How to access it

Spotify is in the top headlines these days due to its eye-catching feature – Wrapped 2023. It is similar to the ‘Year in Review’ feature for the Apple Books app. It shares a summary of your favorite music, genre, artists, and beloved podcasts that you have listened to throughout the year.

As per the official details, the feature has started rolling out on the mobile and web app versions. In terms of outlook, the Wrapped capability shows up in the usual story format with the total amount you spent on your music and the top five artists. Ahead, you will find a “Me in 2023” section which includes songs based on your music taste.

Sound Town is another amazing segment which spotlights cities that have matched your music-listening habits. Now let’s learn how you can have your hands on this feature.

How to access the Spotify Wrapped 2023 feature?

  • Install the latest version of Spotify on your Android or iOS device
  • Open the Spotify app
  • Go to the Filters section at the top bar
  • Tap on the Wrapped section
  • The new section will also highlight playlists inspired by your 2023

Users can also access the new addition via a browser (mobile or desktop) using the link –

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Spotify Wrapped 2023 feature


What is Spotify Wrapped 2023 feature? How to access it
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