Redmi Note 10 user witness unusual icon after April 2023 update

Redmi Note 10 device owners are enjoying the offerings of the latest MIUI 14 software, and the firm has also released the latest month’s security patch for better safety. While recently one user noticed an unusual icon on his Redmi Note 10 taskbar after installing the April 2023 update.

According to the post shared on the official community, one user is getting curious and suspicious about one unusual icon that is been displayed on the taskbar of his Redmi Note 10 device after the April 2023 update. The user is wondering that if this is a regular icon or if it’s a type of bug, which can harm the device.

Moving on, some other users have replied to the issue and said, the icon must be indicating that the battery level of the wireless headphones is low. Whereas, the other user has also got confused about whether it’s representing the low battery status of Bluetooth, headphones, or speakers.

Therefore, it seems like it’s a battery indicator icon of some paired device, as the taskbar is already showing a paired Bluetooth icon. Because the company releases regular monthly patches for the betterment of the system and to protect the phone from harmful threats for improved reliability.

But in case, if its a type of bug or issue, then the company must resolve it with the upcoming updates. However, if you are operating Redmi Note 10 device as your daily driver and facing any such issue, then let us know in the comment section below.

Redmi Note 10 April 2023 update unusual icon


Redmi Note 10 user witness unusual icon after April 2023 update
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