OnePlus Network Connection Issue

What is network connection issue on OnePlus phones? How to fix it

OnePlus phone users often deal with the network connection issue after installing any new OxygenOS update, and ask the company for a permanent fix to the problem. As of now, the manufacturer has mentioned a few methods that can help you retain adequate connectivity for your handset.

Describing the root cause behind the network defects, OnePlus said that the fluctuation of the 5G signal is mostly affected by the mobile phone operator’s network coverage, resulting in lags and unnecessary buffers. Here is how you can treat this problem to get some relief.

How to fix the OnePlus network connection issue?

1. Turn off the Smart 5G option

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Select the Mobile Network option
  • Tap on More Settings
  • Turn off the toggle for Smart 5G

2. Enable the resident 5G or NSA+SA Mode

  • Visit the Settings menu on your device
  • Select the About Device section > Version
  • Click the build number 7 times to enter the Developer Mode
  • Tap on Networking
  • Click on 5G Network Mode and select NSA+SA Mode

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OnePlus Network Connection Issue

What is network connection issue on OnePlus phones? How to fix it
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