Samsung Galaxy S23 / S23+ gets 3C certificate, launch imminent soon

Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S23 and S23+ received 3C certification, and the certification shows that the two phones are still equipped with 25W chargers like the previous generation models.


The certification shows that both the Galaxy S23 (SM-S9110) and Galaxy S23+ (SM-S9160) are equipped with the same EP-TA800 charger, and the device identifier confirms that these devices are prepared for the Chinese market.

Samsung Galaxy S23 / S23+ 3C CertifiedMoreover, Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S9180) also obtained 3C certification a few days ago and is also equipped with a 25W charger, but it is speculated that the international version of the device will still support a charging rate of up to 45W.

Although the Galaxy S22 Ultra supports up to 45W charging speed, it is not much faster than 25W. Using a 45W charger to fully charge the S22 Ultra 0-100% is only faster than using 25W charging. It took 5 minutes less, 59 minutes and 1 hour 04 minutes respectively.


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