One UI 4.1: How to turn on Eye Comfort Shield in your Samsung smartphone

Samsung One UI 4.1 is equipped with several features and functions, which help users in different ways. Each of them works uniquely and can be very helpful for our body as well. One such feature is the Eye Comfort Shield. This feature can be very useful and effective for your eyes.

This feature adjusts your smartphone’s screen colors automatically based on the outer factors with the help of some special algorithm to reduce blue light and avoid eye strain.

You can enable the Eye Comfort Shield in two different ways. To enable this feature by using Display settings, follow the below-navigated steps.

  1. Head towards the Setting menu of your Samsung smartphone
  2. Click on the Display option
  3. Scroll down and tap on Eye Comfort Shield
  4. Toggle it right to enable it


If you want to enable this feature directly from the quick settings panel, located at the top of your smartphone, you need to follow these basic steps.

  • Swipe down your screen to go to quick settings
  • Swipe it to visit the next slide
  • Here, you will see the Eye Comfort shield
  • Press the Eye Comfort Shield option to enable it or again tap it to disable it
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