OxygenOS 12.1: How to use Alert slider in your OnePlus smartphone

OnePlus is equipped with many jaw-dropping features. The only thing is that many users are not just aware of it. But we have amazing tips which will make you aware of how you can put your OnePlus smartphone in three different modes.

The alert slider is one of the remarkable features of the OnePlus smartphone. It enables you to switch between ring, silent, and vibrate modes. You will see an alert notification, that will display on your notification panel of whatever mode is in


The ring mode is located at the bottom, vibrate mode is in the middle, and silent mode is at the top.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Click on the Buttons & Gestures
  • Tap on the Alert slider option

All three modes signifies, three different mode. They are as follows:

Ring:- Calls and notifications will ring. Users can push the vibration mode for calls

Vibration:– The sound for incoming calls and notifications will be on silenced mode, but Alarms will ring in vibrate mode

Silent Mode:– You can silent the media volume by muting it.

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