Samsung One UI Tip: How to enable video stabilization in Samsung smartphones

Samsung is always praised for its amazing feature which never fails to mesmerize the Samsung users. Samsung Video stabilization feature is just another amazing feature. It is such a useful function for those who love making videos.

The video stabilization allows you to shoot sharper videos. This feature also saves shooters from bumping the ISO up too high in low-light conditions.

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Video stabilization also helps in staying stable for the entire length of the clip. Having a stable image is very important because it can be clearly visible when there is any type of shakiness in the video.

Here’s how to enable the Samsung video stabilization feature:

Step-1: Click on the camera app 

Step-2: Tap on the settings at the top left corner

Step-3: Scroll down to the video stabilization

Step-4: Push the slider towards right to enable it

Samsung’s Video Stabilization feature is also used to remove jitter of video without influencing moving objects or intentional camera knocking. You can also fix the shaky video with videos stabilization software.


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