Apple iOS 15 Tip: How to use iPhone’s camera to scan text

Apple iOS 15 makes possible to insert your selected words to text with its amazing feature which enable iPhone’s camera to scan text. If there is a standard iOS text input field, then you can change your keyboard into a camera.

You can also input text directly from the real documents. You just need to follow these below mentioned steps.

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  1. Tap and drag the cursor where you want the captured text to go. Then click it to show text options
  2. Here, you will see a new option in the popup: Scan text. If the text entry field shows a lot of options.
  3. Tap scan text and the keyboard area will be replaced by a camera
  4. Now point the camera at whatever text you wish to scan. You will be prompted by a notification to slow down the camera movement, if you are not doing it in a correct way.
  5. Tap on the insert button to select all the text, or the small text selection button to the bottom right if you want to select any type of specific text
  6. If you will tap the selection button, the text area will be enlarged so you can drag your finger across the text you wish to select.
  7. Tap insert to scan in just that text.

That text will be inserted where your cursor is. This feature works in any app with standard text input fields.

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