Huawei registered ‘Huawei Soil’ trademark in China

On May 18, 2022, Huawei registered the ‘Huawei Soil’ trademark in China. This trademark application has document version 47543398 and the trademark has not been published yet. According to the information, Trademark Office held that the goods designated for use by the opposed trademark were Class 1 “silicones”.

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Moreover, the ‘Huawei Soil’ trademark class belongs to the same category as “unprocessed plastics; plasticizers” that were approved for use in trademarks such as “Huawei Zhixuan” cited earlier by the opponent. or similar goods.

In further terms, the opposed trademark completely contains the distinctive identification part of the trademark cited by the opponent, “Huawei”, and does not form a new meaning with an obvious difference. If it is used concurrently, consumers will be misunderstood.


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