Meilan launched three chargers and charging cables, which will be officially launched on January 1. The three products are as follows:

  • Meilan 30W GaN Mini charger, 79 yuan

  • Charm Blue Dual USB-C Fast Charging Cable, 49 yuan

  • Meilan 5A USB-C fast charging cable, 49 yuan

Moreover, the Meilan 30W GaN Mini charger uses gallium nitride technology, the pins are not foldable, and the volume is reduced by 60% compared to traditional products. The charger supports PD3.0, PPS, and other charging protocols uses a Type-C interface, has a smart temperature control function, and supports 100~240V AC.

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Furthermore, the Meilan dual USB-C fast charging cable supports a 5A high current, power up to 100W, and a length of 1 meter. The product has a pure white shape, the skin is covered with environmentally friendly TPE material, and the built-in E-Marker chip can charge notebooks and tablets.

Besides, the Melian 5A USB-C fast charging cable has a Type-A interface at one end and a Type-C interface at the other end, and the length is 1 meter.

The product also supports 5A current and uses environmentally friendly TPE materials. The interface of this line is thickened, and the wire core uses a thick tinned copper core with an aluminum foil shielding layer, which makes the signal transmission more stable. The charging cable has a built-in PTC protection function.



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