The Mi 12 series of mobile phones will be officially released on December 28, of which Mi 12 is positioned as the flagship model with a small screen, equipped with an FHD+ resolution screen and a micro-curved design; Mi 12 Pro has a larger size, equipped with Samsung 2K resolution LTPO 2.0 flexible screen.

Moreover, the revealer said that this flexible screen of Xiaomi Mi 12 is an exclusive customized model from Huaxing Optoelectronics, which supports up to 12bit color depth. Although the screen is FHD resolution, the cost is very high.

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According to the picture previously announced by Xiaomi, the screen size of the Mi 12 mobile phone is 6.28 inches, and the width of the mobile phone is only 69.9mm, which is very easy to hold. 

The product manager said that the screen of this phone is 8% larger than the iPhone 13 the body is narrower, which can meet the needs of daily use and games.

Furthermore, the Mi 12 screen supports 10bit color depth and has received a DisplayMate A+ rating. The screen supports 16000-level screen brightness adjustment, and the surface is covered with Corning Gorilla Victus glass, which is consistent with Xiaomi Mi 11.



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