Toshiba introduces voltage-driven photorelays

Toshiba recently announced the launch of three 4-Form-A voltage-driven photorelays “TLP3407SRA4”, “TLP3412SRHA4” and “TLP3475SRHA4” in one of the smallest packages in the industry. These three devices have begun to support mass production in recent days.

Moreover, the new product is the first four-channel normally open photorelay in Toshiba’s history. It adopts the newly developed small S-VSON16T package with a typical installation area of ​​only 12.5 square millimeters, making it one of the smallest package types in the industry.

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Furthermore, because of the built-in resistance on the input side, these products can be driven by voltage without any external resistance. These features help reduce the need for board space, allowing more photorelays to be installed.

Besides, the new photorelay is suitable for applications such as semiconductor testers that require a large number of relays to be mounted on a circuit board with limited space. The maximum rated operating temperature of the new product is 125°C, so it is suitable for high-temperature environments and is easy to ensure thermal design margins.


  • Semiconductor tester (probe cards and test heads for memory, SoC, and LSI devices);

  • Aging equipment

  • Measuring instruments (oscilloscope, data recorder, etc.).


  • S-VSON16T package, one of the smallest package types in the industry, with 4-Form-A contacts;

  • Voltage-driven type with integrated input resistor, no external resistance (input voltage: 3.3V system or 5V system);

  • High-rated operating temperature: Top maximum = 125°C.


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