How to connect iCloud from a Windows?

Although Apple and Microsoft are competing with each other most of the time, they won’t get you into a crossfire at least not in cloud storage.

Although you can use Apple’s iCloud to sync your media between Apple devices, you can use iCloud on your PC to access media, such as music, books, and movies, as well as contacts, calendars, and email.

You can access iCloud in two ways on a PC by downloading the iCloud Control Panel or via a Web browser.

iCloud Control Panel

  • Download the iCloud Control Panel for Windows software.
  • Open the iCloud Control Panel program, and then enter your Apple ID login information.
  • Select the media and other information you would like to access on the PC.

Web Browser

  • Open your Web browser and navigate to
  • Enter your Apple ID and password into the login screen.
  • Press “Enter” to access your music, photos, calendars, contacts, and documents.

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