The Always-On Display is one of the most useful features in the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G devices. The always-on display basically displays time, date and allows you to have a quick glance at other information like notification icons, alarms, or reminders. All of this, of course, without turning on your entire screen every time.

Moreover, you can view missed calls and message alerts, check the time and date, and view other customized information without unlocking your device.


1. From Settings, tap Lock screen > Always On Display.

2. Tap to enable the feature, and then set the following options:

• Choose when to show a clock and notifications on the screen when your
the device is not in use: Tap to show, Show always, or Show as scheduled.
Clock style: Change the style and color options for the clock on the Lock
screen and Always-on Display.
Show music information: Show music details when the FaceWidgets music
the controller is in use.
• Rotate screen to Display the AOD in portrait or landscape mode.
Auto brightness: Automatically adjust the brightness of Always On Display.
About Always On Display: View the current software version and license

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