Xiaomi launched MORROR ART Desktop Bluetooth speaker

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Recently, a uniquely designed Bluetooth speaker was launched on the Xiaomi Youpin platform, called MORROR ART Desktop Bluetooth Lyrics Speaker M1. The product adopts an appearance design imitating a vinyl record, the record can be retracted and moved, equipped with a matte color screen for displaying three-dimensional lyrics, and the price is 1999 yuan.

When this speaker is connected to Bluetooth, the vinyl record model will automatically suck in slowly, paying tribute to the vinyl record player. At the same time, an animation effect will appear on the screen. The front of the product is an integrated 10.1-inch high-definition non-marking matte screen with low reflectivity and a three-dimensional display effect.

This speaker analyzes music in real-time based on algorithms brings emotional lyrics function, and has a unique visual effect. In addition, the new “Character Singer” function allows the characters on the album cover to change their mouth shapes and expressions with the pronunciation of the lyrics, making the characters come alive.

In terms of sound quality, the MORROR ART desktop Bluetooth lyrics speaker M1 is equipped with two 2-inch full-range speakers and a 3-inch long-stroke woofer, which uses desktop reflections to provide abundant bass. Full-frequency horn power 8W×2, low-frequency horn power 20W, frequency response range 60Hz-20KHz. In terms of connectivity, the speaker supports Bluetooth 4.2 and dual-band WiFi, supports mobile App control, and accepts Internet FM broadcasts.

Besides, MORROR ART lyrics Desktop Bluetooth Speaker M1 is currently crowdfunding, as of this writing has reached 210% target, crowdfunding price of 1999 yuan, it is expected to be Nian 2021 6 Yue 5 Ri before delivery.


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