According to the news, Nvidia will launch a new RTX 3080Ti graphics card that will be available in May, with a cost of 7,999 yuan in the Chinese market.

The new RTX 3080Ti graphics card is castrated from the RTX 3090. The stream processors have been reduced from 10496 to 10240, and the video memory has become 384-bit wide 12GB GDDR6X particles, which is half of the RTX 3090.


Refer to RTX 3060 to limit mining power. RTX 3080Ti will also adjust the core to limit mining power. A certain maker has already launched new card specifications.

It is said that the core code of the new version of RTX 3080Ti is GA102-202 or GA102-302, which is different from the previous QS version.

Its mining power is directly halved, the hash algorithm is restricted, and the firmware cannot be flashed casually.

Nvidia has discontinued the old version of the GA106-300 GPU chip GeForce RTX 3060 and replaced it with the new GA106-302 GPU core to further restrict mining.



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