Realme Q3 will be released on April 22. It adopts a firefly color, a yellow body with a green fluorescent logo, which is still very distinctive.

The vice president of global marketing announced another color scheme of Realme Q3, called “psychedelic silver”.

The official said that the “psychedelic silver” color design was inspired by Y2K culture, with metallic texture + full-color illusion, full of science fiction and futuristic sense, but did not specify whether the logo can shine.

Besides, the Realme Q3 series has two models, Q3 and Q3 Pro, and the official said it will hit the title of “Thousand Yuan Machine King”.

According to the Geekbench website, Realme Q3 is expected to be equipped with Snapdragon 750G processor, and Realme Q3 Pro is confirmed to be equipped with Dimensity 1100 processor.

Furthermore, the Realme Q3 is 8.4mm thick and weighs 179g. It will be provided with a 120Hz variable speed gaming screen and support smart scene recognition. It may be the first “high brush-free” product at the same price.



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