The  2021 Qingdao Intelligent Connected New Energy Vehicle Development Forum, Hisense revealed for the first time the three major layouts of automotive electronics, including vehicle-road collaboration, smart cockpit, and vehicle thermal management.

According to reports, in recent years, Hisense has taken the core components of vehicle-road coordination and body perception as the entry point. At the same time, it relies on new display technology to cross-border layout in the cockpit electronics field and uses automobile air-conditioning resources to deploy new energy vehicle air-conditioning compressors and vehicle thermal management fields.

In the field of vehicle thermal management, after Hisense completes the acquisition of the automotive air-conditioning supplier Japan’s Sanden Group, the two parties will integrate resources and make efforts and explore the direction of new energy vehicle air-conditioning compressors and vehicle thermal management.

Besides, in the field of smart cockpits, Hisense is cooperating with domestic OEMs on the project of the screen display system and is also deploying in the field of infotainment systems.




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