EA’s next-generation ‘Battlefield‘ game will be released within this year, the official has not disclosed any information, however, broke the news that the great god Tom Henderson recently released news revealing the latest information.

Tom Henderson previously released a game design sketch, indicating that this is a design drawing of an island, with an airplane on the top of the screen and a tornado on the right side of the screen.


Recently, he stated that ‘Battlefield 6‘ will revolve around the conflict between the United States and Russia. Russia seems to have occupied Japan’s Tanegashima Island, and the United States intends to infiltrate the island.

Along with this, the player will act as an agent from the ‘occupied country’. To a certain extent, all countries can operate and play.

Tom Henderson had previously accurately broken the news about games like ‘Call of Duty’ and “Battlefield”.

He also broke the news that ‘Battlefield 6‘ will support 128-player games in the same scene and is expected to support full-scene destruction and battle royale modes. .

Additionally, this game will be released in May 2021 and will be available on PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC platforms.



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