Starting with the Galaxy S21 series smartphones, Samsung is impressively distributing the newer security patch through OTA to dozens of eligible phones and tablets. So far, numerous Galaxies have received this month’s security improvements and the company is also not delaying sending this update to remaining phones.

Recently, Samsung’s four years older flagship devices – Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 series have begun receiving the April security patch, and now the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy A52 5G are the latest to get this update.

This firmware is currently rolling out in select European markets and China as well. The latest firmware version comes with version numbers as F700FXXS4DUD and A526BXXS1AUD1 for the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy A52 5G respectively.

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And these releases only include the up-to-date security patch which brings fixes for 21 CVEs from Samsung and 30 critical exploits from Google.

How to check for update:

Check for the latest update manually by heading to your device’s Settings, then click on Software updates, and finally hit on Download and install.


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