A vacuum cleaner is not a home appliance that is fixed in one place like a refrigerator or washing machine. It is close to a ‘tool’ that you use around the house.

Since they only need to be taken out when cleaning, they are often stored in invisible spaces such as utility rooms or warehouses. After cleaning, there is the hassle of emptying the dustbin and hiding the vacuum cleaner again.

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The designers of Samsung thought about the integrated experience that vacuum cleaners can provide in all cleaning processes, from cleaning to storage. As a result, the ‘Samsung Bespoke Jet‘ with both aesthetics and convenience was born.

Natural design that permeates the living space

Until now, users have used vacuum cleaners by hiding them in invisible places such as warehouses and clothes rooms. This is because the vacuum cleaner design, which emphasized only the performance, did not harmonize with the living space and looked outstanding.

“Samsung Bespoke Jet’s design philosophy began in a space that contains our way of life and taste” As such, the Bespoke Jet is designed in harmony with space so that it can be quickly grasped when needed, as well as act as an object. The floating design as if floating in the air and the round footprint that firmly supports everything give a sense of stability to space.

The stand-type design does not need to be leaned against the wall or nailed, so it can be placed anywhere you want. In addition, the smooth vertical pattern blends smoothly with the surrounding furniture, and the metal ring located in the middle of the pattern adds an elegant and luxurious feel.

Mounting the vacuum cleaner and discharging dust in one

No matter how high-performance filters block wind and dust from the vacuum cleaner, the moment the dust bin is removed, the collected dust is scattered around. Having to go through the unpleasant experience of dust blowing all over the place at the final stage of cleaning, which should be the most refreshing.

Bespoke Jet integrates the clean station with the stand holder to make cleaning easier and easier. Unlike existing products that separated the dust bin by hand and inserted it into the clean station, the dust bin can be emptied by pressing a button after mounting the vacuum cleaner to keep the air in the house comfortable.

Without interference, for complete cleaning

Sometimes the flow of cleaning is cut off while using the vacuum cleaner. The most common example is having to move to get a mop or duster. The Bespoke Jet offers an accessory cradle to eliminate this inconvenience.

Samsung Bespoke Jet was created in consideration of changes in the way vacuum cleaners are used and the overall experience of vacuum cleaners. Through this, users will be able to enjoy an improved experience of using a cleaner.


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